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Nobody knows North Idaho like GoTroy.
Let us help you find home.

Welcome to Troy Real Estate Group, the premier real estate group of North Idaho and Coeur d’Alene, offering you a state-of-the-art digital website, a team of professionals who can guide you smoothly through your realty transactions, plus the one thing that no other real estate group in North Idaho has to offer: Troy Sylte himself.

Troy was born and raised in the region, has deep roots in the communities, has a vast, decades-long personal and professional network. He has actually spent time in all of the communities he serves and knows just about everything and everyone you need to know.

It’s easy to forget that beneath his humble, personable demeanor, Troy is one of Coeur d’Alene and North Idaho’s most successful realtors, with more than $60 million in sales, sometimes selling over 30 homes a year. He prides himself on being ethical and fair in all negotiations while still keeping his clients’ best interests at heart and does what many people in this business forget to do…listen.